Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Most popular types of wedding flowers


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The colour rose you choose can say a lot about you. Pink and red are best for a feeling of love, and are therefore great for weddings. If you’re a traditionalist, white is the way to go – they represent both marriage and purity. If you’re a little bit more quirky, and also hope to save some money, orange and yellow roses are the best for you, and they also represent joy and enthusiasm for the new part of your life!



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In Chinese symbolism, sunflowers represent good luck, long life, vitality and intelligence. If you’re a devoted Christian, this is arguably the most appropriate flower to have at your wedding –  not only a symbol of happiness, but represents an unwavering faith and belief in God.



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Orchids best represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Orchids are seen as very elegant, and are perfect for those of you hoping to hold a stately yet stylish wedding. Of course, for this, you’ll have to spend slightly more.



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Green bouquets

Of course, these aren’t composed of one flower alone. However, green bouquets are fantastic for outdoor weddings due to their highly natural look. If you aren’t so sure on choosing all green bouquets, then they’re excellent for giving to other people – they represent optimism and good fortune.



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Paper flowers.

Surprisingly, these don’t give you as many paper-cuts as you would expect. However, these might not be as cheap as you’d hope. Of course, you can make them all on your own, but very few people have time for that. You’ll need to make thousands of flowers, and the high quality card doesn’t come cheap, either. You can get friends to pitch in and help, but these will take months to make, and are very inconvenient to store. Don’t water them, as that can only end badly.

Plus side? You get to keep the flowers, and you can give some to your guests. If you suffer strongly from hay-fever, these are probably quite a good idea.



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Tissue flowers.

For those of you a little less willing to spend months of your life creating paper bouquets, there are always tissue flowers. Unfortunately these aren’t the most stable creations, and are therefore best as hanging ornaments.

If you’re really that sure of wanting bouquets in this style, the link shows a quick tutorial of how to make them. Practice makes perfect. Of course, you can keep these too!



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Book flowers.

Are you a fan of books? If you are, these are certainly the option for you. Of course, if you absolutely hate books and simply want to destroy every single one in sight, these are also good – they require an awful lot of torn pages. Again, these aren’t usually that cheap to make, especially considering the amount of books you’ll need to buy to make them, let alone if you’d like ornaments to place inside of them. Best place to get these? Etsy, of course. If you want to make them yourself, then you can find books for cheap at your local charity stores – we don’t recommend buying directly from bookstores.



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Wildflowers make beautifully quirky bouquets. If you have a field nearby, you can collect a lot of them yourself. Of course, make sure they don’t already belong to someone owning the field. Perfect for outdoor weddings, but not so much for those with mad hay-fever.



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Are you Welsh? If so, make your family proud and use their national flower. If it’s spring, these are some of the best options for your wedding – they grow wild and last a long time, so you can even collect some yourself. As a spring flower, Daffodils represent life and vitality, so are also suitable for things such as christenings.



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Carnations burst with simple colours, and are beautiful editions to weddings. They’re also relatively cheap, but so worth the money! Since Ancient Greek times, these have been used to mark life celebrations, and are therefore wonderful for weddings. The meanings vary with colour, but are often linked to love and pride.


How to save money on wedding flowers

  • Use more greenery than flowers – this works especially well with wildflowers and green bouquets
  • Buy flowers which are in season
  • Look for cheaper alternatives to your favourite flowers
  • Try and keep to as few types of flower as possible. This works especially well for carnations, which can look very different simply by changing their colours
  • Use a combination of flowers and decorations, such as paper lanterns
  • Fake flowers – cost roughly the same amount, but can be re-used and re-sold
  • Bridesmaids don’t need to carry flowers – they can carry ribbons, fans, paper umbrellas or even just pieces of fabric. This can add a whimsical touch to your wedding, and can often be kept as mementos
  • Want something really different as a centre-piece? Use coloured bottles with a single flower inside, handmade items or even just nice candle-holders
  • Potted plants work well as centre-arrangements
  • Use cactuses instead of table-ornaments – they live for years and can even be given as gifts to the guests! Best take them out of the way before the heavy drinking comes along, though
  • Use mirrors as centre-pieces so that you can use less flowers, and make the most of your space
  • Use bridesmaid bouquets as centre-pieces, so that they don’t go to waste
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your florist – they are there to help. Sure, they may want to get as much money as possible, but in the end, a sale is a sale. Shop around if you’re unsure
  • Hire a professional wedding-planner – they know how to haggle!
  • Look for ‘all-inclusive’ wedding deals – flowers may be re-used, but at least you get them included, with far less hassle!
  • Buy in bulk – discounts galore!
  • Don’t be afraid to visit the local markets in the few days before the wedding, as it’s a surprisingly good way to score something wonderful you didn’t expect
  • Decide your budget before you browse
  • Use vegetables as centre-pieces – you can even eat them afterwards
  • Candles are cheap, and they make the whole place smell nicer. You don’t need flowers everywhere!



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