Personalised Cake Toppers

Getting the perfect cake topper can be a difficult business. Everybody will look at it, there will be photographs of it, and it becomes a symbol of your whole wedding. Getting it wrong can also ruin the whole look of your cake, and if you’ve spent time and effort making sure it’s perfect, you should probably make sure the topper is perfect too. Mudcards do custom cake toppers for all occasions, including weddings, and since they’re made to order you can choose exactly what you want from outfits, hair colour, positions, and adornments like this cute puppy.

Star Wars Inspired Wedding

Happy Star Wars day everyone. If you were thinking that your dream wedding was too crazy, or too geeky, or somehow inappropriate, then here’s proof that any theme can work if you plan properly. Don’t be afraid to make your big day a reflection of who you and your significant other really are, whatever people might think. You can read all the details here.


Seating Chart Dance Sign

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like good design. That means I tend to be drawn to the neat little design touches you can introduce to your wedding. I also like co-ordination, so whatever fonts you do something like this seating table sign in, you should mirror those across all your other signage, invitations, place cards etc. Something simple like picking a couple of text styles and sticking with it across everything makes your wedding look much more cohesive and planned out.


Shadow Save the Date Card

Sending out Save the Date cards in advance of your big day is becoming the norm for a lot more couples, especially as people start planning their wedding day further in advance. This shadow card is a great example of how you can keep them cheap, but still creative.

Wedding Cake Topper Banner

I like things that are a little different, something which isn’t just your usual wedding fayre. That’s why I like this alternative cake topper, a little banner that goes over the top of your cake with “Just Married” bunting.

This is the kind of thing that your guests probably won’t have seen before. They will be so used to the classic bride and groom statue stuck on the top.

Best Friend Wedding Sign

Finding a wedding gift is not easy. You’re always worried that they’ve already got the item you’ve picked, and if they have a gift registry somewhere then it may seem a little impersonal to just pick something from a list. How about this, a best friend wedding sign, perfect for the newlywed kitchen.

Wedding Favour Shot Glasses

I liked these because picking good wedding favours is always a challenge. You need something that’s going to appeal to a wide range of people, but so many go for food or drink products that are consumed and then forgotten about. The nice thing about these custom shot glasses is that it’s a useful item for guests to have in their house, so you may find that people still have them years after the event.

Make your Wedding Really Sparkle

Everybody always thinks about the wedding photos they want to get during the day, where they hope the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and cherry blossom floats through the air. But don’t forget that the party is likely to go into the night, and that shouldn’t mean it’s time for the photographer to go home. With some sparklers and a long exposure, it’s possible to create some really lovely moments. Be sure to check out their full gallery for even more ideas.