How to Style Flower Girls

If you’re a couple with a large group of family and friends attending, it’s always nice to get some of the younger guests involved. An excellent example of this is the flower girls standing before and after the bride.

Of course, children can be hard to work with, making them slightly unpredictable. Do not feel obliged to pick flower-girls just because your family tells you to. After all, the pressure of having a role in the ceremony such as this can often be too much for younger participants, leading to tantrums, throwing flower baskets around or even walking in the wrong direction. Even though this may make the guests giggle, it’s your special day and these are exclusively your choices to make.


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What do Flower Girls Do?

Of course, the main role of the flower girl is to hold flowers and look pretty. Most flower girls throw confetti in-front of the bride, often just behind a young male ring-bearer. The confetti can vary from rice, paper decorations or rose petals.

Most flower-girls and ring-bearers are between the age of 3-10 – due to this, they may need a buddy near them to stop them from getting too nervous! If they have a sister/brother/close family friend available of roughly the same age, it’s best to place them two-by-two.

Much like bridesmaids, flower girls are there to assist the bride – try to meet up with the entire group of bridal attendants to familiarise them with the rest of the group.

It would mean a lot to some of your younger attendants if they could help you choose something about your wedding – we recommend something small, like the choice of non-alcoholic beverages available for younger guests.

Of course, it’s best to keep the parents nearby. If the parents are the bride and groom, no problem. However, if the parents are other guests we recommend keeping them on aisle-seats or at the front.


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Now, even though flower-girls traditionally throw petals, as the name suggests, this doesn’t mean you can limit yourself. Typically, the bride and groom shall provide you with what you need – here are a few alternative ideas:

  • Uncooked rice – it’s meant as a blessing in most of Asia
  • Paper cuttings – an excellent way to save money, but beware of paper-cuts
  • Glitter – now, glitter is one of those pesky things that gets everywhere. But it does look beautiful…
  • Bubbles – of course, this requires blowing and not throwing. This is often more fun for the children involved, just make sure they keep walking down the aisle.


Always try and choose flat shoes to suit the dress you have chosen. To make the day as pleasant as possible for the little angels, buy the shoes at least a month in advance and get them to wear them in. Of course, we recommend doing this around the house so they don’t get dirty.

Another option is to go barefoot, which works especially well for outdoor weddings. This is particularly popular with outdoor weddings. That is, outdoor weddings on sunny days – you don’t want to get mud between their toes, after all!



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Most girls love getting their hair done. Plaits, buns, curls. Of course, not everyone is the same. There’s plenty of hair accessories available. We love flower crowns, lace hairbands and bows.



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Many women like the flower-girls to wear miniature versions of the bride’s dress. However, this is not the only option. Of course, you can keep to white and ivory – but most little girls prefer pastel colours such as pink, lilac or baby-blue.

Dresses usually have a decorated top, a bow round the middle and a wide skirt to reach the ankles.

Of course, it is usually best to match the colours of their dresses to the overall colour-scheme of the wedding. However, if you want to make the little girl feel special, why not let her choose her own colours? Give her a selection of a few suitable choices and let her surprise you.

Lots of children like sparkles, and who could blame them? Typically, bridesmaid dresses are understated, and many brides like to keep it that way.

Once again check out our Pinterest board where we’ve collected some of our favourite flower girl, junior bridesmaid dresses:

Make sure to include extra stockings/socks to make sure you have spares in case of accidents. Even if the weather looks wonderful, try and get the parents to bring along a cardigan or shrug, as small children have a tendency to get cold or spill things on themselves!


Now, most people don’t like seeing makeup on young children. However, some young children do want to have makeup on for this special occasion, and you shouldn’t try to stop them. However, we STRONGLY recommend you don’t let them do it themselves… that can only lead to disaster.

Younger kids should naturally have flawless skin, so there is no need to add foundation or concealer – it simply means more to smudge and wash off later on.

Don’t add eyeliner or mascara. If the kiddies end up getting a little upset of tired, the smudging really won’t look very good. On top of this, younger eyes are more susceptible to infection and irritation.

If you feel the need to add makeup, we recommend a light eyeshadow (such as pink, gold, peach or blue), a dab of pink blush on the cheeks, and some light lip-gloss. Flavoured and tinted lip salves work especially well for kids as they stop the lips going dry and are typically less colourful than most other lipsticks. Lip gloss is good as it is usually slightly sparkly, meaning it’s a big hit with most little girls!


With younger kids it’s often best not to trust them with the family jewels. Pearls are often popular, with cultured pearls being relatively non-expensive. Costume jewellery is also suitable for many children, but make sure that they wear it for a little while before the wedding. This will check to see if they’re irritated by it and help you find any replacements in good time.

Charm bracelets are incredibly popular with young girls at the moment –it would be a wonderful idea for the children to receive a special charm to mark the occasion.



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