Our Top 10 Tiaras (From Etsy!)

Having a tiara for your wedding is an essential part of looking like a princess. Of course, you don’t HAVE to wear a tiara for your special day… but you don’t get many chances to wear one, so why not really make the most of it!

Of course, not every tiara is made equal. All of the tiaras in our selection are from Etsy, so you can support independent businesses, grab something made individually for you, and often save a little bit of cash! Always remember to check out reviews for online stores, and spend a little extra for tracked and insured shipping, to make sure your precious items arrive to you safely.


  1. Untamed Bridal

1 t

UntamedBridal’s New-York shop holds many alternative bridal accessories. However, this ‘antler’ inspired creation is our favourite. Hand-twisting the wire makes it stronger and a far superior quality to the pre-cast tiaras you might find in stores. The store is relatively new in quite a niche market, so there aren’t many reviews. Try to buy through PayPal when possible to gain added buying insurance. A made to order option, you can also get a different piece created from scratch – truly bespoke, every single time.


  1. Indigo Black Jewellery

tiara 2

Based in London, IndigoBlackJewellery has many good reviews from many happy customers. This tiara is truly like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Every time we look at this, we simply can’t figure out how they managed to create something so unique and beautiful. We’re gobsmacked, quite frankly! At only £35, this tiara is created from natural crystal quartz and silver wiring. The quartz represents power, energy and clarity, and supposedly shall dispel any negative feelings. Just a little bit of extra luck for your special day… Check out their other items for more ethereal finds.


  1. Agnes Hart

3 t

Pure class. What else can we say? A traditional tiara, available to be made with a veil and clips to match your hair colour. Inspired by the Art-Deco movement of the 1930s, this radiates elegance and royalty. The teardrop design is timeless, and at just over £250, this is a part of your wedding you could pass down for generations.


  1. Indigo Black Jewellery

4 t

Another creation from IndigoBlack, because we just couldn’t resist. Considerably larger than the previous crystal tiara featured, the longer, thinner stones make it more of a statement piece. The copper detailing is incredibly intricate, and reminds me of Steampunk fashion. Ah, love it. Despite preferring silver and white gold, this is my favourite item on the list – so blissfully organic. Of course, every stone is different, so every tiara is even more unique.


  1. Lorna Green Tiaras

tiara 3

Made of crystals and freshwater pearls, this dainty beaded tiara is of a more traditional design. LornaGreenTiaras are another highly-rated British store, with many other dainty creations available. One of the fantastic things about this store is that they can also design tiaras for your bridesmaids in the same style you have, be it with slightly less bling…


  1. Glamorous Bijoux

tiara 4

This handmade US tiara is Victorian in style, from a highly respected store with over 3000 positive reviews! Hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, this silver-plated miniature tiara is that touch of vintage grace you’re looking for to complete your bridal outfit. As the tiara/hairpiece is small, it’s perfect to attach a veil to, and incredibly easy to clip in. GlamorousBijoux has a large selection of traditional accessories for any occasion, so have a look around and see what you like! Unfortunately, they don’t accept returns, but this is typical with most made-to-order creations on Etsy.


  1. The Exquisite Bride

7 t

‘When will I find a gold tiara on this list?!’ I hear you cry. Well, fear no more. Here is a gold tiara. And what a stunning example of gold it is. Regular followers of this website will notice I’m not that big a fan of wearing non-white metals. However, I might make an exception for this one… A gold-plated tiara with crystals, flowers and freshwater pearls – what more could you want? Well, the seller (TheExquisiteBride) has constantly fabulous reviews, and as the metal is softer, it’s adjustable to fit to your head. At only £65 for this piece, what are you waiting for?


  1. Thyraflame

tiara 5

And of course, we’re back to the silver. Just couldn’t help myself, sorry! A far simpler design than most of the other tiaras shown, but just as glitzy. The loops can be fastened to the hair with body pins, meaning it’s quite easy to secure.


  1. Lulu Splendor

tiara 6

Aaaaaaand we’re back to gold again. Well, rose gold to be precise. Rose gold has been rising in popularity over the last few years (note the iPhone 6s in ‘rose gold’ that we all really know is just pink), and LuluSplendor has certainly made the most of it. Many of their items are in rose-gold, including necklaces, earrings and statement back pieces. If you’re not a fan of yellow/rose gold, it also comes in silver. We love the sheer size of this tiara – it’s filled with Swarovski crystals and pearls, yet still has room for lots of vintage floral decorations. At 3 inches high, it certainly towers on your head as a statement piece – another thing to love about it. LuluSplendor has wonderful reviews, but is based in Australia, so will take a little extra time to ship to everywhere else.


  1. Glamorous Bijoux

10 t

Now, we know this is not a typical tiara – it’s more of a headband, really. However, we just couldn’t help but include another GlamorousBijoux design on here! A beautiful bridal design, the metal flowers are a twist on traditional tiaras. Accented with beautiful leafing detailing and hand-encrusted gemstones, the sparkle created is simply un-forgettable. The woven effect on the thick metal hairband supports the weight of the decoration, keeping it secure on your hair all day. And of course, with decorations like this that may just be simply placed on the hair, they’re quite easy to take off if required – many people forget that with the loud noises and long hours involved in a wedding, you might get unwelcome headaches, which aren’t helped by accessories, no matter how beautiful they are. At £125, this is below typical prices for designs of such an intricate calibre.



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