Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

For those of you gifted with naturally beautiful long hair, we pity you for the amount of time it takes to dry and how much of a hassle it is in daily life. The struggle is indeed real.

However, the struggle is worth it for your wedding. You can do so much more with long hair – check out our top 10 list for ideas!


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Even though this list is not in any specific order, this is probably our favourite. The honey-highlighted hair makes this look so much more complicated than it actually is. We like to call this a ‘hair crown’ – like a princess becoming a Queen – how very cheesy. If you fancy something a little less understated, we recommend adding some hairpins, either with diamantes or little white flowers. How cute.

Here’s a tutorial for a similar look.

We do suggest having a professional hairstylist do this for you, as it’s pretty tricky to get the back looking good.


rose bun

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We’re not quite sure what to call this style, but we think it looks like a rose bouquet… or hair. Hair bouquet? Hmm, that doesn’t sound too good. We can’t seem to find any tutorials for this kind of thing, but you probably need an awful lot of hair.

To get the large size of bun, we suggest using a ‘hair donut’, which you can buy from almost any good retailer. Despite what all the advertisements for hair products are saying, soft curls probably won’t work for this sharp effect. You’ll need a lot hair product such as mousse to hold it in such pristine condition, so we do not recommend using this for bright blonde hair – it might start to look a little greasy.

If you fancy something a little wilder, then this tutorial might be of use to you.



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Slick, simplistic and sublime. This classy look will work for everyone. This is a traditional chignon, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.  Luckily, this is the kind of style that will work with every make-up style, regardless of whether you fancy bright-red lipstick or neutral shades.

Check out this DIY tutorial here.



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Even though you might think crimping your hair is dreadfully 2002, with this beautiful bridal plait, we’re about to change your mind. Of course, you don’t need to go digging through your storage boxes in an attempt to find an old crimping iron – like this tutorial shows there are easy, non-heated ways of achieving the same look. You might have to deal with looking like The Predator for about 12 hours, but it’s worth it. Add some mousse when you’re finished, and then the next stage can begin.

As you might be able to see, the plait used is a fishtail plait – slightly more complicated than a simple braid, making it easier to fit flowers in.

The flowers used are fake (it helps maintain the same colours throughout), so that there’s a lesser chance of them breaking off.



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More tiaras, more bridal princesses. Nothing wrong with that! These defined, sharp curls are flamboyant and fantastic. The fact the curls start at the ears means it isn’t ‘poofy’, stopping the head from looking big. The tiara used is relatively simplistic – we personally feel this works really well, as it doesn’t distract from the overall look.



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Of course, curls also work wonderfully with blondes, too!

We like the way the hair is simply pulled back, out of the face – it’s a great way to show off the contours and makeup of your face. Due to the sheer volume of hair shown, we think she might have extensions in – this effect is best done by a professional.



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Once again, the beauty of curly blonde hair is showcased. The volume will have been created by some back-combing and possibly a clip-in with extensions. The hair braid is probably fake, but you can easily repeat this look on your own hair – if you have enough of it, that is.



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This cute little bun is a slightly more modern style, with plenty of volume. Why do we love it so much? Well, luckily for you, this style can even be worn if your hair isn’t too long.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a video tutorial for this style, but provides a step-by-step tutorial to help you.

If you fancy a braided bun with a tighter, more refined look, we recommend following this tutorial.

As you’ve already seen, braids and buns fit together perfectly. Our all-time favourite style of this type is a ‘braided bun-wrap’, with the link here for your viewing pleasure!



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Of course, not all buns have to be low and messy. Well, this one is just a little bit messy. We recommend you have A LOT of hair for this. If not, there are a few gadgets you can use, such as donuts. Of course, not the sugary, jammy kind… note to self: wedding hair is not a good place to store snacks, however tempting it may seem.

As this knot-bun (we’re not quite sure what to call it) looks simplistic, we recommend fairly neutral makeup, and dresses with lots of lace.

Feel free to check out this easy, fun tutorial on how to do it yourself here.



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Following the Hunger Games movie, there was a large boost in girls sporting the fishtail plait. And why on earth not? Stylish, beautiful and relatively easy. This is especially good for those of you on a lower budget, as you shouldn’t need a professional hairstylist to do it up for you. Fishtail plaits are best suited to being placed over the shoulder, so we recommend only wearing your hair like this if your dress is strapless, has simply straps, or is asymmetric. After all, even though you deserve to be having a great day, your dress probably cost a little too much to be ignored…

Please check out this tutorial for fishtail braids.

Good luck with your wedding hair, ladies! Remember, if you try out any of this stunning styles you can post photos of them on our facebook page:



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