Wedding Games

Having your wedding over a weekend or having a destination wedding and looking for ideas to keep your guests entertained over a longer period than just the wedding breakfast?  We have some fun ideas for games to keep all ages amused.  Some of these are also perfect for Hen/Stag parties.

Pre-Wedding bonding

This can be done as part of the run up to the wedding to help guests who don’t know each other bond or can be incorporated into

  • Tug of war
  • Miniature sports day
  • Water fight
  • Laser tag
  • Paintballing
  • Burlap Sack Racing
  • Zip-wiring
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mini-Golf

Icebreaker Jars

Create your own icebreakers for each table, especially if some of their guests do not know one another. Create different tasks per table, so that people can trade if they would like.


Prepare lots of photos from guests, and have others guess whom the photos belong to.  How about asking all married guests to share a photo from their own wedding day and display those around the venue. Of course, it makes it more exciting if the photos were taken when the guests are really young.




Everybody loves darts, don’t they? Well, not everyone. Great for pub venues, before everyone gets too tipsy. If you’d like to have a lawn party, then what better than lawn darts? Often, there are retro versions available on internet sites such as eBay. Foam versions can also be found, which are especially handy for younger guests.


Yard Games

  • Ring toss
  • Space-hoppers
  • Giant-Jenga
  • Horse-shoe toss
  • Giant Checkers
  • Giant Chess
  • Giant Connect-Four
  • Giant Scrabble
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Corn-Hole
  • Lawn-Twister

Table Games

  • Booklets – great for suggestions for dates, holidays, baby-names and secrets to happy marriages
  • Anniversary Cards – a card written per table/per person, to be opened for future events and anniversaries
  • Board Games – be they retro or new, these are great little ways to pass time. Things like Monopoly are often too long. Portable versions of games are often available, and are very handy for storage when you need to pack everything away

Card Games

  • Cards Against Humanity. The crude, lewd and plain crazy game. This is wonderful fun for people of all ages… as long as they’re over 16. Probably not the best thing to play with your grandmother, but it shall still make you laugh. The great thing about this game is that is can be played with very large groups of people, especially if you have the expansion packs.
  • Unlike CAH, this game is a family classic. The rules shouldn’t be too complicated, either!
  • Poker
  • Go Fish
  • Snap
  • Rummy
  • I Doubt It
  • Card Dominoes
  • Spoons
  • Thirteen
  • Palace


Musical/acting games

  • There are good singers, and there are bad singers. Don’t force anyone to do it if they don’t want to, but hearing Grandpa sing ‘Like A Virgin’ is simply hilarious.
  • Rock band. If you’re not a fan of singing, then Rock Band is you. Sister game of Guitar Hero, this not only allows you to play guitar/base, but the drums. Hell yeah!
  • Finally put that acting degree to good use.
  • A bit like charades, but you don’t have to guess what to do. There’s also a few more ways to describe what you mean, such as with putty or drawing.
  • Musical chairs. This can end in chaos. Either wait until everyone is drunk and without their shoes, or just leave it to the kids.
  • Rather than singing an entire karaoke by yourself, give everyone a card with some lyrics of a song on, and then give it to each member, so everyone has a part.
  • Bride V Groom. Ever seen All Star Mr & Mrs? It’s like that, except the guests also get to have a say in who they think is responsible for what action.
  • Stand-Up, Sit-down. This is where questions are asked – if your answer is yes, you stay standing up. The last person standing can get a prize.

Less active games

  • Cross-word. This should contain personal questions about the lucky couple, and some of the people at the party. Try not to include anything rude!
  • Word-search. Try and make this a bit personal to you, or at least a little romantic.
  • Colouring-in. Best for kids, or anyone that knows how to have a really good time. Leave crayons on the table for this – they don’t break as easily as pencils, and don’t stain as much as pens do.
  • Photo-Booth. Trash the traditional, boring photographer for something more exciting. Add some props in, and it’ll be even better. Don’t forget the fake moustaches, beer-goggles and tutus. Fairy wings work particularly well.
  • Customizable place-mats. Of course, the beautiful decorations you’ve prepared usually won’t be appreciated by the younger-generations. So here, you should leave plain placemats for the kids to scribble on and create their favourite meal.
  • If there are little kiddies attending the party, and the cuisine isn’t quite for them, you can pack them personal little lunches. Seeing as you’ll probably be buying a lot of food from a supplier, they’d probably be willing to throw in a few of these for free.

Wedding ‘I-Spy’



As you can see from  the photo above, there’s certainly a lot of things to see at a loved one’s wedding. You can use one like this, or create something more personal. For instance, ‘See John’s lucky socks’ or ‘Stacey shows off her diamond-ring’. Of course, try not to be too offensive, and keep it light. Saying ‘mother of the bride vomiting after too many drinks’ isn’t quite suitable. PLUS, whoever fills it in first can get a goody-bag of sweets, or something.

Wheel of Love

A cute idea for those especially loved-up couples. Don’t leave this out at all times, or everyone will be smooching!





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