Where should you propose?

So you’ve found the love of your life and you want to make sure the proposal is everything you have both dreamed of. Where do you start?  Finding the right place or the right time can be tough so we’ve got some ideas for you.



  • On a beach. Of course, this is a very popular one. Walking along the beach, holding hands and watching the sun-rise/sunset… The epitome of romance. And remember, no socks with sandals.
  • On a nature reserve. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and your special someone is in for a very big surprise!
  • On a dog walk. Man’s best friend could be your only witness to something as lovely as this. Don’t try to attempt to hide the ring in a bag of dog-treats, as that’s just weird.
  • On a picnic. Now this is an idea which allows a little more leeway. Be it in your local park or an isolated field of grass, picnics are ever so romantic (and ever so heavy). Pack the hamper full of goodies. An idea for presenting the ring could be leaving the box on the top part of the hamper, waiting for your partner to open it. Of course, you could always bake it into a pie and hope for the best, but make sure you know the Heimlich manoeuvre, just in case.
  • On a boat trip/canoeing. Unfortunately, canoeing is often too rocky and unstable to contain an excited partner. On top of that, turning round to say ‘yes’ is certainly a hassle. However, a mini-boat trip (speed-boat NOT recommended) can be pleasant, especially if you hire someone else to do all the physical rowing work for you.
  • On top of a mountain. Life is full of challenges. However, climbing a tall mountain is certainly one of them. After you conquer the mountain, tell them something cheesy, like how they’ve ‘conquered your heart’. AND then, propose to them. Make sure they don’t fall off the top. And if they say no? Well, the journey back down will certainly be a little awkward.



  • Sports game. You have a favourite sports team? Be it a shared passion or a playful competition, sports games are certainly one of the most exciting ways to propose. We’re not expecting you to begin on big screens. Indeed, at big games, it’s often too loud to hear your loved one speak – a thumbs up/thumbs down approach doesn’t work too well, either. HOWEVER. If you have a local team and cheerleader squad… they’re usually decent people, willing to do something nice for a fan. Cheer team performing a proposal, with you popping out in the middle, doing the splits and holding a ring? Hell yeah.
  • Ice skating. Okay, so maybe don’t do it on the ice, as that could end up with a few broken bones and sliced fingers. However, you usually require assistance to sort out boots. When you finish, bam! Taken by surprise. And on top of that, you’re already on your knees.
  • Tennis match. We’re not expecting Wimbledon, and neither is she. Maybe decide to take up a hobby together, and then conveniently make a challenge someday – ‘If you win, you get a present’ is a bit simple, but we’re sure you’ll come up with something better.



  • On top of a tall building. Exciting city skyscraper? Hell yes. Scared of heights? Maybe not.
  • Subway/metro/tube. Now, get well away from those tracks. Maybe the train carriage isn’t the most romantic place to propose, but some of the older stations are truly beautiful, especially in historical cities such as France. You just need to find the right stop to start your new stage in life together.
  • Famous restaurant. Special day, special food, special prices. Most famous restaurants are in cities, but they also break the bank. Remember, if they still love you for taking them to a fast-food restaurant, then they’re definitely The One.


  • Much like the previous point, restaurants are a great place to propose. Of course, there are usually other people in the restaurant, so the personal experience might not end up being so personal after all. Best make a meal at home if you truly want to be alone.
  • At the movies. Proposing during a movie isn’t quite the right plan. Proposing at the end? Now that’s more like it. To make it truly special, some cinemas will allow you book out the entire screening, at non-peak times. We recommend a light-hearted comedy or romantic movie. Horrors don’t really get us in the mood.
  • In bed. The Pyjama Proposal. Call it romantic, or just call it lazy. I call it romantic.
  • The place you first met. Now this is truly a romantic idea. Although that all depends where you met, strip club? Not so much.

Famous places


  • On a holiday. Make it your favourite; make it one to truly remember.
  • In a casino. DO NOT gamble the ring. Especially if you’ve already given it to them! Possibility for free drinks, and the party of your lives.
  • Art gallery. ‘None of these compare to your true beauty’… Ha! Maybe, maybe not. At least you’ll get to be somewhere beautiful, especially if you have a friend hidden to take cute photos.
  • Eiffel Tower. Oh, yawn, how original. Yet, still popular. Don’t drop it.
  • London Eye. Unfortunately, the view is usually a disappointment for most that see it. If you’re willing to pay extortionate prices to get into a crowded pod, at least try and make the ring look good.
  • In a castle. Make them feel like a real princess.



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